Crossroads Counseling, Telehealth Guidelines

This agreement is only valid during the current Coronavirus outbreak. Once our area is no longer considered in a state of emergency, the contract will be terminated.

HIPAA Confidentiality Agreement

All protections and limitations of HIPAA are the same for online therapy and phone contact as they are in person. If you have questions about HIPAA, please ask.Session StructureIt is critical to maintain a setting as similar as possible, to that of being in an office together. In order to have effective online/teletherapy sessions, the following guidelines must be followed:
1. The device must be placed on a steady surface and not held in your hand, if at all possible. You should remain in the same location the entire session and avoid moving around.
2. Select a private location where your session cannot be overheard by others and adjust the volume on your device to ensure privacy. You are required to inform your provider if there is anyone in the room with you, or if you believe someone may overhear the session.
3. Make sure you are have checked with your insurance provider/EAP company that your insurance/EAP covers telehealth.
4. You must always be decently attired and no underclothing will be permitted.
5. No provocative postures or gestures will be tolerated.
6. Minimize background noise by turning off TVs, music and other sounds. Make sure to close the door to the room you are in.
7. Eliminate distractions by not playing games on your device, avoiding social media and focusing on other things around you.Make sure that pets, children, household members and roommates will not be a distraction from therapy.
8. You may not invite others in during the session without asking the provider first.
9. If the connections is broken for any reason, your provider will call you back to try to remedy the situation.All screenshots, photos, and recordings are strictly prohibited. They will result in immediate termination of the session, online services and possibly discharge from the practice.
Payment will be discussed at the time of service. A fee of $25 will be charged for late cancellations if 24 hours’ notice is not given. You will be charged $100 for missed appointments.I look forward to talking with you to discuss your concerns. If you have questions, please call 515-292-1813.Dr. B. Ann Kennedy

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